Network Operations

Hub and Spoke Model

Each of our two networks (APC & Fortec) operates a hub and spoke model. This allows us to offer a nationwide delivery and collection service throughout the UK &Ireland. Our strategically based depots will collect freight from customers and deliver it to the hub. There it is sorted and loaded onto the vehicle of the network member responsible for the destination postcode. Through this efficient network, customers are able to send consignments ranging from single parcels to multi pallet consignments, anywhere within the UK or Europe.

Local Collection Work and Consolidation
Depots collect freight from customers and consolidate it.
Trunking to Hub
Depots trunk freight to the hub each day, to arrive by a designated time.
Hub Cross-dock Transhipment
Our Fortec network will then tranship freight within the hub and load outbound vehicles.
Back load and Performance of Delivery Work
Depots return to base with freight and deliver to customers in their area.